Q3 was pretty darn productive! This list is a lot shorter now – or, at least it was until I started on adding the Christmas gifts 🙂

1. Zick Zack Scarf

This is a Christmas gift, so needs to get completed quickly.

1/4 complete Zick Zack Scarf

2. Christmas Tree Skirt

Unusual colours, but their tree is pink and purple. I figured they’d never find a tree skirt in that colour scheme!

Pink and Purple by Patrick Lose

3. and 4. Winter Hats

Again with the Christmas Gifts.

Crooked Kitchen Yarns

5. Blue Lavender Socks

I’m really close to done.

1 short row heel and two cuffs left

6. Mom’s Stash Quilt, #3

Quilt 1 and 2 were so loved that a third is requested. Mom’s stash of fabric is still going, even after making King and Queen quilts… maybe the third will be the end of the suitcase of fabric?

Mom’s Stash

7. Night Sky Quilt

I loved this quilt the moment I saw it. I have 9 of the blocks assembled…

I started with the blue blocks

8. Blue Lucky Star Quilt

I bought all of the fabric to make the quilt top for a friend. Then he stalled and so did I. I want to get it done and out of storage.

Blue Lucky Star Fabrics

9. & 10. Gravity Quilt C & D

I had so much fun with the Gravity Quilts I decided to make more. I bought the Kona kits… which are now hogging valuable storage space.

More Gravity Quilts

11. Downpour Pullover

I went to a yarn night at my local knitting store and discovered Sugar Bush Drizzle yarn in Aqua Frost. I was doing okay at resisting temptation until I saw that colour. Then I KNEW I had to make that Downpour sweater!

Aqua Frost Drizzle yarn by Sugar Bush

Aqua Frost and mohair. Apparently my yarn downfall combo.

12. Gravity Pillow B

I keep forgetting that there is a pattern for matching pillows for the Gravity Quilts, made out of the scraps. Good thing I also forgot to tell the purchasers of the quilt that it was an option.

Time to deal with the scraps

13. Rainbow Quilt 3

I have so much left over from the first rainbow quilt that I figured I would make a second one… and now a third! I have about 30% of the blocks assembled. Part of the problem with this one is figuring out what layout to use for the HST blocks.

Just playing around with different layout options … which leads to too many options!