2 blocks down, 2 to go...

The diet is screwed. The sleep is screwed. Exercise is entirely missing from my life. Work’s taking over the work-life balance like a sumo vs. a waif on a teeter-totter.

And because I didn’t learn the last time (The Great Cat Incident of 2009), I decided to make life more complicated while I’m already busy and exhausted by tossing in a sewing course – in this case, Quilting 101.

Now, is this what I’d hoped? No.

You see, I bought a really, really nice sewing machine recently, so I could start a quilt. But Quilting 101 is a mandatory step for the local quilting shop before I can take anything else – and this course is done entirely by hand.

I am slow and clumsy with hand sewing, which was the point of the sewing machine …

Anyway, I’m plugging along on my table topper – a project I don’t much like because I am not a table topper kind of girl. Clutter? You want me to ADD CLUTTER to my house?! I think not!!

Here I am, sewing a way on a project that I will never use. So, I’m making it as a gift for someone (shhh!), and thus the fabric choices are with that person in mind.

Trying to think happy thoughts. I mean, who wants a gift infused with “grrr!”?