Well, this is going to look embarrassingly familiar… Q1 did not go well from a finishing standpoint. I finished a shawl. Woo.

Items with * are priority

1. Night Sky Quilt

I loved this quilt the moment I saw it. I have 9 of the blocks assembled…

I started with the blue blocks

2. Gravity Quilt C*

I had so much fun with the Gravity Quilts I decided to make more. I bought the Kona kits… which are now hogging valuable storage space. Gravity Quilt C has all of the center blocks completed, and half of the background. 

3. Lacey Eh! Line Tunic

I just have to finish the sleeves. HAHAHAHAHA. Cute. Yeah. I tried to assemble the tunic and found out that I’d messed up the body rather badly. I ripped it all out, and now I’m have sleeves and need to knit the body again… This is in timeout until I get over it.

PINK and soft.

4. Rainbow Quilt 3

I have so much left over from the first rainbow quilt that I figured I would make a second one… and now a third! I have about 30% of the blocks assembled. Part of the problem with this one is figuring out what layout to use for the HST blocks.

Just playing around with different layout options … which leads to too many options!

5. Rainbow Kawartha Morning Mist Shawl

I started this shawl in July 2017. I’m now on attempt #3 to knit it: I suck at counting and beading is not one of my strengths. 

6. Hindeloopen Dress

Cast on and hem started. Let’s get this baby going!

7. Rainbow Reflections Quilt

Must be complete by May, in time for a friend’s new baby.